Therapists must opt for professional liability insurance

Like doctors and lawyers, the therapists are also exposed to the danger of getting sued by their clients. This article discusses as to how you can handle such a situation.

Therapists are required to offer services to various clients each day. A client visits a therapist with the expectation of getting cured and if the therapist is not able to provide him the service as per his expectation or is not able to cure his problem then the client is likely to get infuriated.

It is natural for the client to get exasperated if he does not get a proper outcome even after spending so much money. Most of these unhappy and discontented customers go to the extent of dragging the therapist to the court in order to get a compensation for their losses. A therapist is then required to compensate to the client. Such a situation often puts the therapists in financial crises. However, if a therapist has valid professional liability insurance cover then he can handle such a situation in a better way.

It is essential for therapist to work with extreme caution and provide good services to their client. However, still the chances of getting into such a situation cannot be ruled out completely. It is to be understood that even a minor mistake made by the therapist can be fatal for his client. These days the cases of clients filing law suits against the customers are on a rise. Thus, it is necessary for a therapist to purchase a professional liability insurance cover.

A number of health care centers where most of these therapists work have professional liability insurance coverage for their employees. This is beneficial for the therapists as they can avail the benefits of the professional liability insurance cover without having to pay its premium. However, it is recommended that in addition to this, the therapist must buy individual professional liability insurance cover as well.

Now, the question arises that if a therapist is already covered under professional liability insurance and that too free of cost then why should he spend money on buying another liability insurance cover?

This is because though the professional liability insurance cover bought by the health care center safeguards the therapist but this is on a shared basis. That means your other colleagues also have a share in this; thus reducing the individual coverage amount.

Now, in most of the cases the amount that a client claims is much hire than the coverage amount, in such cases the therapist has to shell out the balance amount from his pocket. However, if he has a valid individual professional liability insurance cover then the rest of the amount shall be reimbursed by the liability insurance company.

Also the professional liability coverage that you are entitled to by your health care center is only restricted to the office hours. If you work post the working hours or in case some client takes the service from you outside the office premises; the health care centre would not be liable for any mistake made by you and you would not be able to take advantage of its professional liability insurance coverage. Thus having individual professional liability insurance is essential in order to safeguard oneself at all times.