Medical indemnity insurance-advantages and disadvantages

The significance and need of medical indemnity insurance has been increased up to a great extent with the increasing number of health care centers. Everybody wants to be safe and secure in today's world of uncertainty. Everybody wants to have an instrument, which can protect them from such types of risks and uncertainties. Medical indemnity insurance is a powerful safety tool which provides safety and securities against these types of risks and uncertainties.

This type of insurance plans is also called as reimbursement health insurance plans as it provides a universal health service to the patient irrespective of the place and person. Nowadays every insurance company is providing such types of health insurance facilities.

A medical indemnity insurance plan provides flexibility to the insured party as the insured can choose a good indemnity insurance plan as per his own choice. Unlike other insurance policy, it doesn't involve a huge cost. You can get a good medical indemnity insurance policy plan with an affordable price. Another important feature of this type of medical indemnity insurance policy is that, the policy covers all the accidental coverage whether it is done intentionally or unintentionally. As a doctor deals with the life of his patients daily, there is always possibility of death of the patient. This may cause great harm to the career of the doctor and can create drowning situation for his profession. So a doctor can save his career from such drowning situation by undertaking a good medical indemnity insurance policy.

There is some specific reason for which a medical professional should undertake a medical indemnity insurance policy. The main reason is that, as this types of insurance policy covers all the financial loss which occurs due to some unexpected accidents during the treatment procedure. The coverage includes all the mistakes of the doctor whether these mistakes are done intentionally or unintentionally. As human activities are never free from errors, sometimes such mistake occurs due to some technical defects and some times such accidents happen due to the negligence of doctor.

There are some of the disadvantages of medical indemnity insurance policy. As it covers all the accidental coverage, whether done intentionally or unintentionally by the doctor, sometimes the doctor becomes careless towards the patient which can cause some serious health problems. Another disadvantage of such types of insurance policy is that, no insurance company is providing such types of policy for life time. So you have to renew your policy from time to time before its expiry. If a patient sues a claim during the expiry of the policy, the doctor may fall into deep trouble. So the doctor has to renew the policy from time to time to get a better and smooth service.

Not only the doctors but also the staffs and nurses can avail such type of benefits. This will protect the nurses against some claims put by the patient during treatment procedure. Sometimes the patient sues a case against the doctor without any mistake to extract some money from the pocket of the doctor. Medical indemnity insurance policy can remove such types of risk and can provide safety and security to the professional.