Affordability of CNC and Plasma Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine that is both CNC and the plasma are quite affordable and can be used by the factory users and even the small sized industries can put this machine to use.

The laser cutting machine when used in plasma cutting puts to use high velocity and high temperatures along with an arc in order to bring about cuts in the different kinds of cuts which are available in the market. There is a different type of gas that is used for the laser cutting machine and it is known to be composed of an ionized form. In due course the arc melts with the metal. The main purpose of the gas which is used in the cutting process is to ensure that you can have any kind of molten stuff can be taken away from the actual slab that has to be sliced so that you can easily cut the material. It is because of the force with which the plasma is applied you do not get any kind of slag. Generally the speed of the plasma has a speed of 20,000 feet/second and the temperature which is needed is 30,000� F.

There are different kinds of plasma cutting machine which are an integral part of the laser cutting machine. For example, there are the plasma torches and also the plasma cutters which can be out to use for a number of purposes. Generally the gas which is used in a laser cutting machine is nitrogen which can be used as a cutting gas in the torches. The physical features of the torches include the water-cooled electrodes. The temperature which is used in the torches is also very high. In this process the electricity goes from one charged electrode to another, which is from the -ve to +ve. These machines are generally used to cut the sheet metals and the metals which are used for the conducting of electricity.

The advantages of the plasma laser cutting machine are that it is possible to get very superior quality cuts and the whole process is accomplished fast because the speed of light is very high. Moreover the cost involved in the process is not much high and there is also no need of the physical tools. When you are using the laser cutting machine for plasma cutting machine you can be sure of the fact that it is a cost effective process for the cutting of all thick metals. Another advantage of these machines is that it is possible to cut even the geometric shapes, the cutting of which does not require much of precision.

There are some specifications involved with the process of cutting of the different kinds of metals with the help of the laser cutting machine. In this cutting some kind of software tolling becomes absolutely imperative. The cost decreases in this process because the length of the cut is also reduced. In this process it is very likely that the cutting edge is made a little rougher and there may also be present an oxide layer. Another good aspect is that the plasma sliced surface need not be in a perpendicular angle with the sheet of the metal.